How to get along with your host family

Hello, today I want to go over few tips about getting along. Being able to fit well in your host family is crucial for having a good time staying with them.  I want to say that not every family is the same, nearly every family has different customs and things they like and don’t like. […]

How to get the most of your exchange stay

Well today we will talk about some tips, how to get the most profit from your exchange stay. I hope my advice can be useful for you and that you can learn from my mistakes. Be open minded–  There is lot to this because setting the mindset is one of the most important things. It […]

Preparation for being an Exchange student in the USA part 1

Hello my name is Jan and this is the first post about my stay in the USA. In this article I will be focusing on how to prepare yourself for the stay and life outside of your own country. Before we start I just want to add that these are my thoughts and what worked […]