5 tips for studying languages

Hello again, let’s talk about studying languages.. Before I left for the USA I studied English intensively for 6 months. I wanted to get my English on av better level so I could understand people better while I was there. I tried my best to study everyday at least for a little bit. 

Here are some tips for studying Eglish (or probably any other language):

1. Study grammar– find teacher or websites which suits you and study from them

  • in the same time study vocabulary- flashcards, dictionaries, idioms

2. Find some movies/tv series which do not have that much complicated language (Friends, HYMYM..)

  • When you do not understand turn on subtitles and find words you do not understand (in your own language)
  • you can listen to a radio as well (it is possible to do it online too)
  • Talk to people online in the language that you are trying to improve in.
  • It is important to do some work daily

3. Expand your vocabulary make lists and revise.

4. Use some interactive tools– games, pictures, connections are important..

5. Join a group with a native speaker– it can really boost your language skills

Good luck


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