How to get the most of your exchange stay

Well today we will talk about some tips, how to get the most profit from your exchange stay. I hope my advice can be useful for you and that you can learn from my mistakes.

  1. Be open minded–  There is lot to this because setting the mindset is one of the most important things. It is really helpful to be able to get your head straight and get the most of what you’ve got. Well if you are stuck at home the whole day just playing Fortnite, you don’t learn much about the country, you are staying in, do you? 
  2. Try new things– if your host family is involved in some interesting stuff join them. There are so many opportunities for you to see and do new things, specially with some people, who live in the place you are/will be at. It might seem scary but trust me, just go out and be open to all the great things.
  3. Try new food (Wherever you go you can probably find some new food to try) Every country has its own signature dishes and delicious food just waiting for you to try it. During my stay in Minnesota I tried so many new flavours and there was always more things to discover. You will probably find some food combination which you will not necessarily love, but don’t let that discourage you.
  4. get out of your comfort zone (don’t do anything stupid, just be open to new things, people, culture) Make a list of things you want to do and do them, plan with your host family and friends and do some interesting stuff.
  5. Actually talk to people That is probably the obvious one, you can not improve your skills without using them.. Find some friends or at least people to talk to on daily basis. It is important to get involved in some sort of a social life.
  6. Dont worry too much and just enjoy what the days bring to you.

Peace with you

Regular Jan

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