How to get along with your host family

Hello, today I want to go over few tips about getting along.

Being able to fit well in your host family is crucial for having a good time staying with them.  I want to say that not every family is the same, nearly every family has different customs and things they like and don’t like.

  1. Try to actually get to know them. (you can start even before you leave your country- write an e-mail, connect on social media..)
  2.  When you actually come to their home, try to be polite and nice
  3. Itroduce yourself
  4. Answer questions and if you want to know anything don’t be affraid to ask them. (They will most likely love talking to you since they chose to host you)
  5. Get to know them, like actually.
  6. Be yourself (There is no point in being someone you aren’t)
  7. Participate in their activities if you can (join them as much as you can)
  8. Help around if you can (do dishes sometimes does not kill you, right?)
  9. Adjust to the family dynamics (every family has their habits and ways.)
  10. and finally-  express your gratefulness to them for having you

Good luck

Regular Jan

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