10 things to do before leaving your country

Hello again, earlier we got covered plane tickets and other things in order to be able to get to US or any other country you are going to go. Now we can focus on things what you might want to do in order to have more chill departure and first couple days in the country.

  1. Get your documents in order (visa, forms, insurance..)
  2. Make a list of items you might need (in other of my articles)
  3. Pack your things
  4. Pack your carry on well (so you can use it for couple first days)
  5. get your things in order with your friends and family
  6. Set a good mindset- be open to what your new country has to offer, do not judge..
  7. Think about money/budget (how much would you approximately need per month).
  8. You can contact your host family (it can be great to get to know them)
  9.  Get information, study maps to get to know the place you will be staying at
  10. Get to the airport on time..

Good luck

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