How to study

In this article I will tell you what worked for me personally when trying to study hard for exams. I can’t promise you that this is the best method for you since everyone’s learning patterns are different. But anyway here is how is study..

First find a good place for studying, somewhere quiet and clean with good atmosphere. Go to study room, or clean up your space. Then gather the materials for your study session. Get all you need books, papers, pull up articles. You don’t want to be the person who is half of the study time trying to find materials. Also you might want to get a pen and pencil and if you are a perfectionist or just want your notes to look good also get yourself a ruler.

Then create a schedule (mine was 25-35 minute interval of studying and 10 min break) and stick to it. While in the studying part just try your best to concentrate on the part of the topic/problem.

Then when on a break- stretch, get some water or whatever you are drinking and maybe get a small snack or something else. And well you can repeat this cycle many times. (The most I could do was 11 hours of study time). For this method to work is the best to divide your materials to small segments.

PS: sometimes you will lack the will to do anything and I guess it is pretty normal, you know yourself so either push harder or take some time to relax.

Good luck Regular Jan

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